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OKI Products
The OKI semiconductor enterprise is growing day by day in the Chinese market, by PHS ... Amplifier, attentuator, electric capacity, inductance, circulator, disconnector, coupler, detector... Gain module, low noise amplifier, power amplifier, low noise transistor... Merit minute/mixer, mixer, impedance matching unit, fixed attenuator, matched load, amplifier..
Special designs and produces each kind of monolithic integrated microwave circuit (MMIC), MMIC microwave module's Specialized company... The low differential pressure manostat, the LDO electric current monitoring device, LED actuates IC, the triode, the diode tube, the MOS tube, Class the ... High frequency diode, microwave triode, RF amplifying circuit, radio frequency big power tube, list, double grid high frequency field effect tube... Produces each kind of high efficiency balancing resistor, the load, the attentuator, the cable assembly. Widely applies in each kind of power amplifier...
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